October 25th 2021

Open onto morning like a blister

– line removed for use in a different poem

The days like grains on grains don’t heap.

A moorhen’s summons calls us to the mornings 

of our cells. A suburb of children with scoopnets

in fists disturb the throats of frogs. Frogs throw

their voice with a sound like wet glockenspiels.

Bernadette Mayer writes a duck

flies away / using circles. By

the end of this line, you’ll have a new memory

of wanting to feel the way you felt the day

you wore your first uniform for school.

By the end of this line, you’ll have a new

memory, a new memory of the previous 

line. A kid throws crumb, then crumbs, then the whole

bagel at a duck, using circles to give the world flight.

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