adam heardman

I’m a writer and poet from Newcastle upon Tyne. I do reviews and features on art and all that for Art Monthly and have written for Frieze, Tribune, The Independent, and more. My poems have been featured in PN Review, Belleville Park Pages, eyot and elsewhere, and have been included in gallery shows at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and Berwick Visual Arts. My first book will probably be called Skyhook and is on its slow and merry way, I think.


This is a blog trying to relearn looking in a historical crisis by considering poems, paintings, and more. It’ll include new original poems fed specifically into the feed. Please give me feedback. I used to say that “if I could have said it better, that would be the poem” as an excuse not to discuss what the hell I was on about. But, today, poems need to climb all the way down off their pedestal and be a form of discursive commons, as they were always intended to be. So let’s talk.